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Apparatus And Method For Collecting And Distributing Power Usage Data From Rack Power Distribution Units (Rpdus) Using A Wireless Sensor Network

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US Patent:
20120078429, Mar 29, 2012
Sep 24, 2010
Appl. No.:
Patrick Edward Weston - Cameron Park CA, US
Abraham Davis Fechter - Cameron Park CA, US
Yann Thomas Ramin - Folsom CA, US
Raju Pandey - Davis CA, US
International Classification:
G06F 1/26
US Classification:
Various embodiments provide an apparatus and method for collecting and distributing power usage data from Rack Power Distribution Units (RPDUs) using a wireless sensor network. An example embodiment includes: establishing communication with a plurality of Rack Power Distribution Units (RPDUs) deployed at particular points in a facility, each RPDU of the plurality of RPDUs being configured to monitor power consumption of a plurality of electronic devices in the facility; periodically obtaining system data from each of the plurality of RPDUs, the system data including power consumption data corresponding to associated electronic devices, the system data being received from the plurality of RPDUs via a wired data connection; using a wireless bridge device to aggregate the system data from a plurality of associated RPDUs, the wireless bridge device transferring the aggregated system data to a gateway via a wireless sensor network; and using the system data to control operation of the plurality of electronic devices in the facility via the wireless bridge device and the plurality of associated RPDUs.
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