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Method And Apparatus For Total And Individual Flow Measurement Of A Single-Or Multi-Phase Medium

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US Patent:
59692642, Oct 19, 1999
Nov 6, 1998
Appl. No.:
Ilya Rivkin - Boston MA
Technology Commercialization Corp. - New York NY
International Classification:
G01F 184
US Classification:
A method and apparatus for a total and individual flow measurement of a multi-phase gas/liquid medium with wide range of gas to liquid ratio provides high accuracy and tolerance of hydraulic and mechanical disturbances. The flow meter sensing element includes a hollow pendulum having two oscillators symmetrically positioned about its first portion and second portion. Non-fading oscillations of the pendulum provided by these oscillators are maintained constant at resonant frequency by the control unit by adjusting the amount of energy supplied to both oscillators regardless of the disturbances caused by Coriolis forces from the flowing medium. The total flow is computed based on the difference in the electrical energy supplied to both oscillators. Detection of the "zero drift" is based on the sum of electrical currents supplied to both oscillators. In one embodiment, the shape of the pendulum is straight.
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