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Rotary Engine

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US Patent:
46466932, Mar 3, 1987
Feb 13, 1985
Appl. No.:
Zachary Fayngersh - West Hartford CT
Valery Minnes - West Hartford CT
Valentine Prokopets - West Hartford CT
International Classification:
F02B 5300
US Classification:
A twin rotor engine has a combustion chamber in which the fuel and air mixture is periodically exploded, and an inlet valve selectively delivers the expanding gasses to an expansion chamber defined by a housing and by the rotors. An outlet valve serves to vent the combustion chamber and both valves are driven from a cam shaft which may be geared to one of the rotors, or which may be rotated independently of the rotors so that rotor speed need not have a fixed relationship to valve timing. An alternative embodiment has two combustion chambers with a spool valve automatically shifted between two positions so each combustion chamber delivers its charge to the same expansion chamber during each engine cycle.
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