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Asynchronous Non-Constant-Pitch Spiral Scroll-Type Fluid Displacement Machine

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US Patent:
20090022613, Jan 22, 2009
Jul 16, 2007
Appl. No.:
Zhihuang DAI - Chicago IL,
Zhengzhi ZHAN - Westmont IL,
International Classification:
F04C 18/063
US Classification:
418 552, 418 553
A scroll-type spiral fluid displacement machine having at least one pair of interfitting scroll elements. The scroll vanes of the scroll elements are constructed upon a base line spiral defined by the equation:where L is the distance from the spiral's origin to any point on the spiral curve, φ is the angular displacement of the spiral, Kis a constant greater than 1, K, is a constant greater than 1, and Kis a constant greater than 10.
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